Sex Anyone -
The Musical
Sex Anyone - The Musical

Recovery from sex addiction is possible, if you believe in miracles.

Hi, I'm John Freed, and I've written a musical. Think of "South Pacific," but about sexual obsession instead of interracial marriage.

Like alcoholism 100 years ago, sex addiction cuts a huge path of destruction through society but is rarely talked about. Many people think the only solution is to lock 'em up and throw away the key.

My sex addiction stalled my career as an editor at The New York Times, but after years of healing and hard work, I quit my job to work on "Sex Anyone".

It's about Mike, a sex addict looking for love. He'll need a miracle to succeed — and finds one.

We're aiming for Off Broadway, and you can help. Find out how by joining our mailing list. And remember:

"Miracles Happen Here"

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